Sunday, March 27, 2011


Asian Dragon
by Isaac


Mrs. Dirty Hair said...

Wow...this art is truly amazing! Do you have your children in a school with art emphasis or something?

Z-Kids said...

Hi Team Burton,
Nope -- we just homeschool, so there is plenty of extra time when the school day is done for creative pursuits like reading and drawing and painting.
Thanks for your comment :)

mrsalf97 said...

Is there any way I can buy a copy of this one? My 11 year old son (who is also homeschooled) would love to have this in his room. Today is actually his 11th birthday and we are "leaving rocks" in honor of it. Thank you so much for that wonderful idea! I started a group on fb called HILA (hope, inspiration, love, and art) and we have a group of people who are very excited about leaving items for others to find. Your post is truly an inspiration!