Monday, November 14, 2011

Sticks Around

We had so much fun with our last Family Street Art project, we just had to do it again!  However, the kids didn't want to simply repeat everything exactly as before.  So instead of painting rocks again, this time we mixed things up by using sticks.  The interesting shapes inherent in the sticks turned out to be great imagination boosters!

I collected sticks washed up along the beach and painted them with 4 different solid base colors.  We used acrylics this time, and hopefully they'll last longer.  I don't even know what kind of paint we had last time around - but whatever it was didn't hold up well.  Any rocks that didn't get immediately snatched up were pretty sad looking weeks later after a few rainfalls.

Isaac (age 13) painted on the blue ones, Gracie (age 11) painted the orange ones, Lily (age 8) painted the pinks, and I painted the yellows.  We each had 8 sticks to work with.  The kids really stepped it up this time too - painting very carefully and adding lots of little details and clothes and patterns.  (I think they were encouraged by all the attention that first post got!)

Here are some closeup shots:

After a few days of painting, we hit the town and scattered our colorful friends around.  It was really hard to part with them this time!  But we smiled while thinking of the folks who will see them as they pass by, and we know lots of them are bound to get picked up and find new homes.

We hope you enjoy them as well!  Here are photos of some of them out in the wild:

** Check out ROUND ONE **
** Check out ROUND THREE **

Sunday, November 13, 2011



Lego Wasp
by Isaac