Sunday, December 13, 2009


Isaac has a great start to something that looks Graphic Novel-y...

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Hatch" by Isaac

"Hatch" for Illustration Friday
by Isaac, age 11

You can always click the image above for a larger view... But here's a detail as well:

"Hatch" by Gracie

"Hatch" for Illustration Friday
by Gracie, age 9

These birds are shocked to see an elephant hatch from one of their eggs!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


by Lily

Monday, December 07, 2009


Little Red
by Gracie

Friday, December 04, 2009


I love this cast of characters Isaac designed!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

i heart school

Funky Schoolgirl
by Gracie

Monday, November 30, 2009

Nuts and Bolts

Little Metal Dudes
by Isaac

Isaac made these AWESOME guys using a mishmash of loose odd screws and washers and whoosits...  One cool thing is that he didn't even glue them at all -- he fit everything together using the natural forms of the pieces...

Friday, November 27, 2009

"Entangled" by Gracie

"Entangled" for Illustration Friday
by Gracie, age 9

Medusa needs some help getting her snakes untangled...  but hairdressers aren't much good when they keep turning to stone!

"Entangled" by Isaac

"Entangled" for Illustration Friday
by Isaac, age 11


Scary Fox
by Lily

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bookie Woogie'ing for a year...

We're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our other family blog Bookie Woogie this week!  For the past year we've taken a look at some of our favorite children's books, both new releases and old favorites.  Each week we learn a little bit about writing, language, illustration, and storytelling.  But mostly it's just a fun place for our family to talk about books and why we love them.

Each week the kids make fan art for whatever book is highlighted.  It's lots of fun to make drawings inspired by our favorite illustrators.  Some of the pictures created for Bookie Woogie have already crept over to Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty, but I thought I'd showcase a few more of my favorite "fan art" pictures the kids have done thus far...

by Gracie, inspired by "Down the Back of the Chair"

by Lily, inspired by "Flip, Flap, Fly"

by Isaac, inspired by "Oliver Finds His Way"

by Elijah, inspired by "Beware the Tickle Monster"

by Lily, inspired by "Knuckleheads"

by Gracie, inspired by "Black and White"

by Isaac, accompanying a poem to Mom

by Lily, inspired by "Elephant and Piggie"

by Isaac, inspired by "Nugget on the Flight Deck"

by Gracie, inspired by "Holes"

by Isaac, inspired by "Max Spaniel"

by Elijah, also inspired by "Max Spaniel"

by Lily, inspired by "Little Hoot"

by Isaac, inspired by "Monsterlicious"

by Lily, inspired by "A Curious Collection of Cats"

by Gracie, inspired by "The Adventures of Marco and Polo"

by Lily, inspired by "Wave"

by Isaac, also inspired by "Wave"

by Gracie, also inspired by "Wave"

by Isaac, Grace, and Lily -- inspired by "How Are You Peeling"

There's plenty more over at Bookie Woogie...  If you've not done so yet, I invite you to check it out!

Monday, November 02, 2009

"Skinny" by Lily

"Skinny" for Illustration Friday
by Lily, age 6

That's one skinny elephant!

"Skinny" by Isaac

"Skinny" for Illustration Friday
by Isaac, age 11

Two snakes discussing their diets...

Friday, October 23, 2009


Surprising Flower
by Gracie

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Flying" by Gracie

"Flying" for Illustration Friday
by Gracie, age 9

With the help of a tower of stacked objects, this girl is pretending to fly! Mom doesn't look very thrilled...

Friday, October 09, 2009

"Fying" by Isaac

"Flying" for Illustration Friday
watercolor, by Isaac, age 11

A little elephant chasing after a flying kingfisher...
(inspired by Anik McGrory's "Kidogo")

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

"Germs" by Gracie

"Germs" for Illustration Friday
by Gracie, age 9

(you can click to see larger...)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just One More Book!

One of the greatest things about the internet at large is the wonderful site "Just One More Book."  Andrea and Mark casually review their favorite children's books at a local coffee shop, record the conversation, and post the results as podcasts.  Last year, to celebrate their site's anniversary, they invited listeners to submit illustrations for a "Love of Reading" gallery.  Isaac, Grace, and Lily got in on the act.  Mark recently talked with the kids about their drawings, and is posting their interviews on the site.  Below are the kids' pictures and links to the interviews:

Bedtime Snack, by Isaac

Isaac's interview: Here!

Love for Reading, by Gracie

Gracie's interview: Here!

Animal Books, by Lily

Lily's interview: Here!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Welcome" by Elijah

"Welcome" for Illustration Friday
by Elijah, age 3

Elijah's first ever "Illustration Friday" entry!

This guy and his dog are sharing a ball:
"You're welcome!"

Paper cutter

Isaac has been having some fun cutting paper...

Friday, September 11, 2009


Crawly Critter
by Elijah

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Moose out for a walk
by Isaac

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Girl descending stairs
by Gracie

Friday, September 04, 2009

"Strong" by Isaac

"Strong" for Illustration Friday
by Isaac, age 10

A winged centaur inspired by "A Wrinkle in Time"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 Year Celebration!

The month of August marks the 3 year anniversary of Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty!  It's hard to believe when we started the site Isaac was 7, Grace was 6, and Lily was 3.  This post you're reading also happens to be post #250!  Over 400 pictures have been uploaded into the previous 249 entries over the last 3 years...

I thought this was cause for celebration.  Early in the month of August I had posted an open invitation here for folks to dive into the CNLT archives, pick a favorite drawing, and use it as a source of inspiration for their own image -- To create some Z-Kids "fan art," if you will.  I thought perhaps I'd get three or four takers.  We're humbled and amazed by the many wonderful responses.

So have a look below and celebrate with us!  If you want to join in the festivities, I'll keep taking submissions through the end of August and update with additional pictures as they come in.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to the wonderful new friends and artists who gave such a precious gift of their time and talent.  It's an inspiration to Isaac, Grace, and Lily to see folks take an interest in what they make!  And thanks also to the many people who have left such encouraging comments to them over the last three years.

It's fun imagining where another 3 years will take us!  Let the celebration begin!

9/17/06 -- by Isaac at age 7:
this was a picture that changed from sad guy with a hat to happy guy with a hat when flipped upsidedown...

by Sam Torode:

10/4/06 -- by Gracie at age 6:

by Matt Mangus:

10/15/06 -- by Gracie at age 6:

by Lori Ann Grover:

1/20/07 -- by Isaac at age 8:

#1 by Xenos Mesa:

#2 by Margaret Molinari:

3/31/07 -- by Gracie at age 6:

by Otto Chin:

4/1/07 -- by Isaac at age 8:

by Dad:

4/11/07 -- by Lily at age 4:

by Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno:

4/24/07 -- by Lily at age 4:

by Julie Phillipps:

4/24/07-- by Gracie at age 6:

by Rawn Gandy:

7/9/07 -- by Lily at age 4:

#1 by Lesley Vamos:

#2 by Chris Kennett:

#3 by Teague Rook:

7/27/07 -- by Isaac at age 8:

by Michael Robertson:

8/8/07 -- by Isaac at age 8:

#1 by Matthew Laznicka:

#2 by Juan Manuel Pedraza:

8/18/07 -- by Lily at age 4

by Tera Zajack:

10/2/07 -- by Isaac at age 9

by U/P:

10/11/07 -- by Lily at age 4:

by Juan Manuel Pedraza:

12/17/07 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by Kerry:

12/31/07 -- by Lily at age 4:
Worried, Happy, Sad, Surprised, Angry, Hungry

#1 by Kerry:

#2 by Kenneth Walendzik:

2/12/08 -- by Isaac at age 9:

by Kerry:

3/9/08 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by Tera Zajack:

5/8/08 -- by Lily at age 5:

by Michael Robertson:

5/18/08 -- by Isaac at age 9:

#1 by Bob Boyle:

#2 by Tera Zajack:

5/25/08 -- collection of "Werd Hoses" by Gracie at age 7:

addition to the collection by Elizabeth Trubuhovich:

6/13/08 -- by Lily at age 5:

#1 by Pascal Campion:

#2 by Renata Liwska:

#3 by Woody Miller:

6/13/08 -- by Isaac at age 9:

by Arnaud Millot:

6/23/08 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by Michael Robertson:

6/24/08 -- by Gracie at age 7:

#1 by Dad:

#2 by Doug Jones:

#3 by Xenos Mesa:

6/24/08 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by Kyle Poling:

7/23/08 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by U/P:

9/8/08 -- by Gracie at age 8:

by Michelle Henninger:

9/28/08 -- by Lily

by Mike R. Baker:

9/28/08 -- by Isaac

by Nathan Hale:

10/18/08 -- by Gracie at age 8:
"Fuzzy pink monster,
she dances for kids at night.
I want to see her."

#1 by Tom Jones:

#2 by David Miles:

#3 by R. M. Hanson:

10/18/08 -- by Elijah at age 2:

by Dad:

10/18/08 by Gracie at age 8:

by Andres Couturier:

11/3/08 -- by Gracie at age 8:

#1 by
#2 by Juan Manuel Pedraza (yep, that's cut paper...)

#3 by Mike R. Baker:

11/30/08 -- by Gracie at age 8:

#1 by Adam Rex:

#2 by Darren Rawlings:

11/30/08 -- by Lily at age 5:

#1 by U/P:

#2 by Bethany Meier:

#3 by Rimi Rasheed:

#4: by Jordie Bellaire:

#5 by Dad:

2/6/09 -- by Isaac at age 10:

by Joost Haakman:

2/13/09 -- by Gracie at age 8:
"A Teddy Pear is a special bear
Kids sleep with when it's night.
Or you could eat it for your breakfast.
That would be alright."

#1 by Luisa Uribe:

#2 by Tina Yao:

#3 by Kim Whitfield-Holt:
#4 by Alina Chau:

5/29/09 -- by Isaac at age 10:

#1 by Kristi Valiant:

#2 by Andres Couturier:

6/12/09 -- by Lily at 6:

#1 by Cory Godbey:

#2 by Melissa Copeman:

#3 by Kacey Schwartz

6/19/09 -- by Gracie at age 8:

#1 by Callan Molinari:

#2 by Ariel Hart:

7/24/09 -- by Gracie at age 8:
"Whales have their noses on top of their heads.  That would be weird if I had a nose on my head."

by Rina Jost:

7/24/09 -- by Gracie at age 8:
"[This guy] is a dentist!  Okay, technically he is a shrimp.  But fish line up, and the shrimp cleans their teeth.  That shrimp is a human toothbrush.  Only, he's not a toothbrush and he's not a human."

#1 by Jason Duckmanton:

#2 by Dylan O'Neil:

7/24/09 -- by Gracie at age 8:
"Manatee.  No, not mayonnaise.  Manatees.  When manatees meet, they pull each other close and kiss!  Yes, you heard me.  A big smack on the lips!"

#1 by Sharon Wagner:

#2 by Denise Gallagher:

Thanks again to everyone who participated!  This was so much fun for us all.  It was great meeting so many new friends and exciting to see the art roll in.  Looking forward to 3 more years!