Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Trading Cards

Here's a fun family activity we've been doing for some time now. We make Family Trading Cards. At some point in time, Isaac became interested in the idea of collecting trading cards, and I suggested we make our own. The whole family's hooked.

by Lily

Here's how it works.... Dad cuts paper into a bunch of card size squares and each family member gets five or six at a time and can fill them with Anything. When everyone's done, they get all mixed up and randomly handed back out. Then the trading begins! It's really fun to see what everybody has made and to try to get a hold of the day's favorites. After a bit, each person pulls their complete collections out to see if there's any past favorites that can convince so-and-so to part with a newly created treasure.

by Gracie

At first I thought it would be a one-time fun family activity. We didn't anticipate how fun it would be, or how competitive it can get. It's really odd how much everyone cares about their collection. My wife and I treasure our packs and get really intense about trying to score certain cards.

by Isaac

We do Family Trading Cards on a fairly ritualistic basis now. We started maybe a year or two ago, and our collections have grown to about 60 cards each. It's also a great way to remember how the kids used to draw when they were little and to see how they've progressed. The cards in this post are some favorites from Dad's collected pack.

by Mom


Boysnberries' Brambles said...

These are so cute! I especially like Mom's- seriously!

ElizT said...

What lucky children.

mbc said...

Such a great idea. Our family will have to try this!

Shelly McC said...

Gorgeous cards! I love lillies cards! The colours on this blog sing and the entries are great! I've been here for ages browsing your art! I am going to send the link on to my nieces, they might find some inspiration!

Anonymous said...

what lucky childrens!and nice dad and mom!

Unknown said...

Those are super cool! I trade cards with people from around the world, I love making art cards.

I was wondering if you would like to swap with me?

thisisnotabloggerblog3 said...

Wow, what a terrific idea! I can't wait to start this with my family!
This blog is so inspiring. Browsing through it has made my creative juices flow!
Thanks and keep it up!

Miz K said...

This is such a great idea - I hope I can remember it in years to come! You have quite a talented little bunch of kids - their line work and use of color is impressive for their ages - I hope they keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hello, what a great idea!

My kids and I were looking at your current post then followed the link to this post. My kids were wondering if your family might want to do a trade? This would be a great weekend project for us to do as a family!

Let us know what you think!

Karen said...

I love it, what an amazing idea and activity for your family! Thank you so much for sharing.

I would love to know more about what kind of paper or cardstock you are using, and how you're storing these treasures.


Monica said...

Ok, I am SOOO going to do this with my children! What a fabulous idea! My son was just telling me last night that he wanted to start a collection but didn't know what type of things he wanted to collect. What a perfect solution! I already know that this is going to get quite competitive...