Thursday, April 19, 2007

O Fortuna

A couple weeks ago, I heard on the radio that the Symphony was going to be playing, among other things, Carmina Burana. Even though I knew we really couldn't afford it, I resolved on a whim that I was going to pack up the two oldest kids and drive the hour trek to give them their first live symphony experience. I mean -- Carmina Burana -- that's a pretty good first symphonic impression. And of course, O Fortuna was everyone's favorite part of the night. We all brought along our sketchbooks in case anyone was inspired during the program. Here's a couple favorites from the pictures the kids drew while we were there (before they fell asleep):

Violin by Isaac, age 8

O Fortuna by Gracie, age 6
(In order of appearance: the Choir, a Flautist, a Harpist, the Conductor, and the seated Audience)


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Really nice also the story.

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Great pictures!

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You didn't translate for them, did you???