Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Green" by Lily

"Green" for Illustration Friday
by Lily, age 4

This is the Green Headed Duck that walks through our yard. Oh, and also a king (...whom I don't remember ever seeing in our yard)


Jeff G said...

Great drawing!!!
The duck matches the king's crown so nicely!

creepazoidart said...

Nice job, Lily. That's really good! The description of the king is funny!

Nicole Florian said...

Nice drawing!

Janice Ykema said...

He looks like a good- happy king! I think your duck comes to OUR yard!... our poodle wants to chase him... but he just swims from one side to the other. He swims in the pool now.. cause there isnt any chlorine in it yet.

Lukas said...

Great drawing!