Saturday, October 26, 2013

Woogie of the Bookie

Here are a few favorite pieces of artwork that the kids have recently shared at their other blog Bookie Woogie:

by Gracie, inspired by "Ollie the Purple Elephant"

by Isaac, inspired by "Blue Chicken"

by Elijah, inspired by "The Prairie Thief"

by Gracie, inspired by "Fashion Kitty"

by Lily, inspired by "The Monstore"

by Isaac, inspired by "Grandpa Green"

by Lily, inspired by "Grandpa Green"

by Gracie, inspired by "Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters"

by Elijah, inspired by "Giant Dance Party"

by Gracie, inspired by "The Watcher"

Stop by Bookie Woogie for lots of book related fun!

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