Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shadow Puppets

shadow puppets by Isaac, age 12
Dragon and Minli:

A second dragon shadow with lots of moving parts:

The Old Man in the Moon:

The Buffalo Boy:

The Green Tiger:

Adorable Twins:

Movie Time!


DavidM said...

That was so amazing! You Z-kids are marvels! I hope there is a sequel... even if they do take months and months to make :). Thanks for sharing!

chocolategirl64 said...

wOw that's fabulous!
gorgeous story, no wonder you wanted to tell us:
orange buffalo boy is my favourite {want}
really like the giggly bit at the end too!
such talents:
you rock ^_^

Mrs. Speed said...

Hi there!

I am a teacher in Bend, Oregon. I showed your amazing video to my class as inspiration for a movie project they are doing. I loved the style of the characters, and how you really gave them personality. Wonderful job!
Thanks for sharing it with us!
Mrs. Speed (and her 35 students)
Bend, OR

Vicki Smith said...

Wonderful shadow puppets! I love it.

Brooke Boynton said...

Holy Cow!! Your video is awesome!!! You made my day! I hope you'll make some more videos like this one :)

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

GREAT video!!! So clever. Loved the shadow puppets. You rock!!!