Tuesday, November 30, 2010


by Isaac

Made with cut paper...


Cristina Ferré said...

Exquisite. A preciouse idea!

Bethany said...

Love it! Simple, yet effective and the colors are very striking. Another job well done, keep them coming!

Lisa said...

Okay, I need to add this blog to my reader, too! Please share my daughter's "Snowman's reflection" with Isaac. You can find it a few pictures down in this post.


: )

Anonymous said...


Your children and so creative and talented with art. I was just wondering if they take art lessons or have art teacher at school, or if they are taught by you or just mountains of practice on their own. I also have a talented 6 yr. old but we don't do any lessons. I wonder if just practice practice and whatever guides him is "good enough" or if I should nurture him with some lessons from an art teacher. Thanks in advance!
(Sorry for being anonymous, I haven't set up my blog yet...)

Z-Kids said...

Hi anonymous,

The kids draw a ton on their own. We've never pushed them. They do see it modeled though, since I am an illustrator by profession.

The encouragements I've given them are fairly simple:

Every week I tell them what the word prompt is from the site "Illustration Friday." Sometimes they'll work up a drawing, sometimes not. But I always let them know what the word is.

We also look at picture books together for our other blog "Bookie Woogie." Together we all create pictures using the illustrators' work as inspiration. It's been a great casual way to experiment with different styles and techniques. In fact, this picture here was inspired by Susy Lee's book "Shadow." Isaac did a cut paper image as fan art for that book, then had so much fun he kept going with other ideas.

In the past we've gone to the local museum and sketched animals on display. We take materials to the park and draw what we see. We do Family Trading Cards together. We have Family Portrait Parties.

So, no, there's no formal "lessons" as such. Just lots of fun casual drawing together. And I don't think you need to be an illustrator in order for your kids to benefit from drawing together. I'll bet your son would LOVE to draw with you. If a person has fun, they'll do it, and if they do it enough, they'll get better. Simple as that!

Thanks for asking!

dthaase said...

this piece is marvelously constructed - great design work and color choice!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Issac, great job!!

Hull.Margaret said...

Great job Issac

jmanu said...

Well done, Isaac!