Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bookie Woogie'ing for a year...

We're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our other family blog Bookie Woogie this week!  For the past year we've taken a look at some of our favorite children's books, both new releases and old favorites.  Each week we learn a little bit about writing, language, illustration, and storytelling.  But mostly it's just a fun place for our family to talk about books and why we love them.

Each week the kids make fan art for whatever book is highlighted.  It's lots of fun to make drawings inspired by our favorite illustrators.  Some of the pictures created for Bookie Woogie have already crept over to Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty, but I thought I'd showcase a few more of my favorite "fan art" pictures the kids have done thus far...

by Gracie, inspired by "Down the Back of the Chair"

by Lily, inspired by "Flip, Flap, Fly"

by Isaac, inspired by "Oliver Finds His Way"

by Elijah, inspired by "Beware the Tickle Monster"

by Lily, inspired by "Knuckleheads"

by Gracie, inspired by "Black and White"

by Isaac, accompanying a poem to Mom

by Lily, inspired by "Elephant and Piggie"

by Isaac, inspired by "Nugget on the Flight Deck"

by Gracie, inspired by "Holes"

by Isaac, inspired by "Max Spaniel"

by Elijah, also inspired by "Max Spaniel"

by Lily, inspired by "Little Hoot"

by Isaac, inspired by "Monsterlicious"

by Lily, inspired by "A Curious Collection of Cats"

by Gracie, inspired by "The Adventures of Marco and Polo"

by Lily, inspired by "Wave"

by Isaac, also inspired by "Wave"

by Gracie, also inspired by "Wave"

by Isaac, Grace, and Lily -- inspired by "How Are You Peeling"

There's plenty more over at Bookie Woogie...  If you've not done so yet, I invite you to check it out!


Anthony Holden said...

"Down the Back of the Chair" happens to be a current favorite in our house too, right now.
Great work, you guys--I'm always inspired!

Anonymous said...

wow! these pictures are amazing - keep up the excellent work!

Paul Shinn said...

Cool work, I'll have to check out the blog proper! My personal fav from this selection is Issac's drawing for The Wave. I don't know the book, but I love the expression of horror on the girls face as she spots the wave about to come crashing down! I really like Lily's collage for Elephant and Piggie and Gracie's newspaper wearing cow for Black and White. Really enjoyed looking at this! :-)

Katie-wa said...

I have never seen such talent in my life. It's gorgeous and makes my mouth flop open with every piece. I'm flabbergasted and shocked and so pleased. These children's art makes me so happy. I see potential not of great artists, but of MASTER artists. I'm thinking da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso... Ya know. The big guys. Wow. I'm just so excited to see what comes next. Excellent work.

justdoodleit said...

Wonderful blog and super-talented-fun posts kids! Really enjoying my visit here :D

Michelle said...

These are amazing! Your children are very talented. I love all their art this is a great idea. One day they are really going to enjoy looking back at this :0)

Clo said...

Waaaah! :D I looove the vegetables characters! You kids are awesome!

Tali said...

love it guys! You've created so much great work! keep it up!