Friday, September 18, 2009

Just One More Book!

One of the greatest things about the internet at large is the wonderful site "Just One More Book."  Andrea and Mark casually review their favorite children's books at a local coffee shop, record the conversation, and post the results as podcasts.  Last year, to celebrate their site's anniversary, they invited listeners to submit illustrations for a "Love of Reading" gallery.  Isaac, Grace, and Lily got in on the act.  Mark recently talked with the kids about their drawings, and is posting their interviews on the site.  Below are the kids' pictures and links to the interviews:

Bedtime Snack, by Isaac

Isaac's interview: Here!

Love for Reading, by Gracie

Gracie's interview: Here!

Animal Books, by Lily

Lily's interview: Here!


MaureenHume said...

Wow! A full year of posts and I've only just located you all. You guys sound like you have so much fun, I'll definitely have be a regular commentator. Keep up the laughs.
Maureen Hume

Nina Crittenden said...

Great work, gang!

Renee said...

These interviews are fantastic! It's so cool to hear what your voices sound like, after reading your words so many times.

Angie Chan said...

Thank you Gracie and Lily for your kind comments on my blog! You have some lovely pictures here :D Good luck with co-writing your book, Issac!

tera said...

I absolutely LOVE "Bedtime Snack"!
How clever!

Nice job, kids!