Friday, July 24, 2009


For science class this year, the kids studied Undersea Life.  After each new lesson, they wrote a report on what they learned.  Sometimes they even drew accompanying illustrations.  I raided Gracie's science journal for these next four posts:

"Baleen whales don't need teeth.  They have long strings of baleen hanging from their upper lip.  They eat plankton because of their small throats, no bigger than a grapefruit.  But toothed whales eat bigger things because they have teeth.  Whales have their noses on top of their heads.  That would be weird if I had a nose on my head:

by Gracie


voz said...

That would be weird.

Excellent use of eyebrows in this one!

Laura said...

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful blog!!!
You lot do amazing work! Dear me Dad, you must be really proud!!
I work with little ones and they never cease to amaze me. I find I have to learn so much from them, and not the opposite.
I'll be visiting again for sure!