Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Isaac made a bunch of great dragon pictures this past week... These are two of my favorites.

I love how he's playing with framing on the page - how the dragons weave in and out of the picture.


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I do, too. And such awesome saturated color. Woohoo, Isaac!

matt dawson said...

So many great pieces of work to choose from...all of you are very talented (must run in the family :)

Elijah's "Whale" is a cool character, love the tail (wish I'd come up with that now, and I'm 33!)

Lily's "Vacant" Illust Fri post is very clever, and I love the mix of cut out paper and drawing... "Balloon" is very well drawn too!!!

Gracie's "Warning" robot is fantastic... the hands and tilted blue eye are hilarious (nice ice cream too)

Issac's prismacolour birds "Tweet" are terrific. Especially love the legs on the top bird. Bags of character!

Focus_ret said...

Neat dragons. I think I like the bottom composition best. I also like the way the eyes are red like the framing red.

Karen said...

Love the colors! They are beautiful!