Friday, October 03, 2008


Esme Raji hearts our blog!

We like hers too.

Here are some other blogs the Z-Kids like:

Adam Rex
Tony DiTerlizzi
Mo Willems
Soc Mo
Uncle Andy & Aunt Betsy
Just One More Book
Drawer Geeks

And while we're at it, Z-kids like these sites too:
Illustration Friday
Line Rider
Homestar Runner
Sketch Swap
Studio JJK
Jelly News
"Cereal Dot Com"


Doug said...

WOW! you kids have some WONDERFUL art here! Keep up the great work!

Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

Thank you!!!

We think of you folks each time we do your Trading Cards activity (last night, for instance) and, of course, as we enjoy HICCUPotomus.

We are still inching our way thru our Love of Reading contributor interviews and hope to include your voices in our show sometime soon.

Thanks again!

Karen said...

Well deserved! I think I found your blog through Esme, and I love it too. I would love to hear an interview and especially how-tos on some of the activities and art supplies you use regularly.

sdfgshhhdgth said...

i love your blog too!
i check it every week and always look forward to the new drawings you put on!