Friday, February 01, 2008

"Legend" by Isaac

"Legend" for Illustration Friday
by Isaac, age 9

Here's King Arthur... see the image of the Sword in the Stone worked into his armor?


Rui Sousa said...

Nice illustration, lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful illustration Isaac! Fits the topic perfectly and I love the sword in the stone. Bravo!

ElizT said...

You are very good at faces.

jmanu said...

Hola Isaac, I live in South America and I speak spanish but I write you in english too

Me gusta mucho los colores que usaste! Muy enérgicos y vivos ...De seguro que al Rey Arturo le gustará su brillante corona!

I like very much the colors that you used! so vribant and live
...Sure that King Arthur likes your Glittering Crown!

Ratlion said...

Cool illo!

Elin said...


Paul Bommer said...

this is wonderful
I love all your work