Friday, June 08, 2007

"Suit" by Gracie

"Suit" for Illustration Friday
by Gracie, age 6

Super Heroes and Villains wear suits to disguise their identities.
(note the Villainess has expressed her feelings toward our hero -- using swords on the little model next to her! He'd better watch out!)


Lisa Dalton said...

Excellent super heroes Gracie! (And a super cool dad for posting your work!)
I'll be back to see more.

bookbabie said...

Good idea Gracie, superheros have the best suits:)

belinda said...

cool suits

tusen said...

oh, I love it! The suits are really cool. And the bad one has really nice hands :)

Chickengirl said...

THis is wonderful, I love it! That bad guy sure got some pointy , EVIL nails!