Saturday, January 20, 2007


Sharkman by Isaac
Sharkman is a superhero who is half man, half shark -- a character that Isaac created and that he continues to develop. Isaac is 8 now, but the first images of Sharkman began appearing years ago...

Despite his fearsome appearance, Isaac assures us that Sharkman is a 'good guy.'

Here is Sharkman and some choice weapons

A dramatic Sharkman

Sharkman saving boaters' lives and getting a little target practice in at the same time.

Love those boots! (Hmmmm.... I notice he is always facing right. Must be his most photogenic side...)

Dad loves Sharkman so much he even did some Fan Art on his webpage.

Isaac even got a sharkman cake for his birthday this year:

Long live Sharkman!


Michelle Lana said...

very cool isaac!

Anonymous said...

He's got to be the coolest super hero I ever saw!

steve said...

This is truly cool, keeping Isaac's work and fostering his creativity. Awesome hero Isaac!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Shark Man is Awesome! He is a very original super hero and all your own. My favorite picture here is Dramatic Shark Man!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Sharkman rules!!! These are so great. Thanks for sharing them.