Monday, September 04, 2006

"Safe" by Gracie

"Safe" for Illustration Friday
by Gracie, age 6

When presented with the word "safe," Gracie thought of animals that stay safe through camouflage. This chameleon is safely camouflaged, enabling it to catch a fly. Its camouflage also protects it from that hawk. Since the hawk can't find the chameleon, it's settling for those ants instead. I think the ants know this because if you look close, they are praying.


Michelle Lana said...

cute work!

Don said...

What chameleon? Oh, wait, there it is.. didn't see it at first. ;-)

Rachelle said...

Very good idea! :D I love the ants praying too. lol

kat coyle said...

great drawing and concept!